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Our commitments

Serving our partners

Our attractive incentive programme

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New routes

  • 1 new previously unserved destination
  • 2 flights/week (flights < 3,400 km)
    or 1 flight/week (flights > 3,400 km)
  • 16 consecutive weeks of operations





Year 1

Year 2

Traffic development

Reduction on passenger fees of between 4% and 20% depending on the airline’s annual growth rate.

Reduction applied from the 1st departing passenger

For airlines generating over 20,000 departing passengers per calendar year and which are able to demonstrate an increase in total traffic compared with the previous two years.
Cannot be combined with the new route incentive

Rewarding volume

Reduction on passenger fees of up to 12% for annual traffic of more than 89,000 departing passengers.

Reduction applied from the 1st departing passenger

Provided that traffic for the current year is:
- greater than 95% of the traffic volume of the previous year
- greater than 90% of the maximum traffic achieved during the preceding 3-year period

Our marketing expertise

Our marketing team is on hand to support airlines with their brand visibility and the promotion of their routes.

According to each airline’s strategy and objectives, our team will devise tailor-made action plans. Our expertise is based on perfect knowledge of our customer catchment area and familiarity with regional media.

Discover our different communication drivers:

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Online communication

Posts on our social media sites and creation of customised competitions

  • Facebook

    163,000 fans

  • LinkedIn


  • Instagram

    8 000 followers

  • Twitter

    10 000 followers

Optimal online presence

  • Passenger website

    500,000 unique visitors

  • Trade website

    Travel agencies, tour operators

Display marketing at the airport or within Lyon and its region

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Organisation of customised events

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Inauguration of new infrastructures, organisation of events in cooperation with local stakeholders, business breakfasts with regional businesses…and more.

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Organisation of anniversary events, treasure hunts, passenger entertainment in the terminals…and more.

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Inaugural events

Specific events to celebrate the opening of new routes or the arrival of a new airline.

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Facilitation of airline and travel agent/tour operator meetings.

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Press events

Organisation of press conferences, publication of press releases in the local and regional press, etc.

Trade visits

Our team will coordinate, at your request, meetings with travel agents in our customer catchment area. Meetings can take several forms: lunches, breakfasts, one-on-one meetings, etc.
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Fly’on magazine

60,000 – 80,000 copies

150,000 – 200,000 readers